Professional and personal success requires a lot of effort, sacrifice, and discipline. The most successful people in the world have a life purpose in general and they design their work plan to achieve that purpose. In addition, they have great confidence in themselves, which in turn make other people believe in them.

However, the road to success requires much more than money, talent, resources and knowledge. But above all else, many experts agree that habits are the principle culprit for achieving success in any field.

Here, we take a closer look at these strange habits of highly successful people:

They visualize the day before it has even started

We often say that successful people are visionary creatures. If you ever watched New Zealand’s All Blacks play, you would have noticed that before each rugby game, the players perform the traditional haka (also known as “war dance”), as a way to intimidate opponents. If you consider the lyrics, an entire different meaning is actually about visualizing victory. It might seem strange at first, but people are after all visual creatures. We tend to believe only what we see. And self-belief is often the first step to achieving any goal. Many successful people have a mental roadmap of their daily schedule so they are well prepared for any obstacles. You need to start using the same principle, if you want to achieve more success.

They talk to themselves

The most successful athletes, celebrities or business leaders practiced self-talk. What’s going on? Are they nuts? Science has a different opinion. According to research, your voice is the most influential voice in your life. What you say to yourself is more important than what others say to you. Not only does it stimulates your memory senses by helping you remember a lot better, it helps you stay focused, and eliminate any self-doubt with positive affirmations. If you want to see change in your life, start by stop saying negative words to yourself.

They don’t look the part

“Empty vessels make the most noise”, is a saying that means those people with the least talent and knowledge usually speak the most, speak the loudest, create the most fuss, or do whatever that makes their presence felt the most. On the other hand, successful people don’t look for other’s approval for their success and therefore don’t feel the need to show it off.

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They generously share their knowledge with others

Assuming you found a recipe to make more money easier and faster than before, would you share this formula with someone else? I suppose your answer is no, right? Successful people observe their vision of success differently. First of all, those playing at the top of their game know that learning never stops, while others behind the pecking order think they know it all. For years, people have known that the best way to understand a concept or subject matter on a deeper level is to explain and teach that to someone else. What you gain by sharing your knowledge is strengthening your own capacity for learning and execution.

They see the good in everything

A common trait of successful people is that they are always grateful and focus on the positivity in their lives. Think of the most successful people you know. Are they negative or positive? They are most likely to be positive, enthusiastic, energetic and happy. They choose to see the good in others and in themselves. For them, problems are just opportunities that are waiting to be discovered. Every day people are bombarded with negativity, however, the successful ones minimize this and instead choose to make the best out of it.

They have more mentors than you’d imagined

The common notion is that unsuccessful people think they know it all, when in fact, they don’t. Successful people know that everyone including themselves, have blind spots, and they aren’t afraid or embarrassed to seek advice. They’re constantly working on their weaknesses so they can move forward. Regardless of marriage, business, career or parenthood, you need mentors if you want to be more successful.