Staying motivated can be difficult under the best of circumstances. Therefore, how can you sustain your motivation when your to-do list is running long or even have difficulty finding time to work on your personal projects?

Motivation isn’t magic, comes in a bottle or simply a pill you can pop when needed. It is something that you can you can develop. Below are some ways to keeping yourself motivated:

1. Set goals and visualize them down to the details

Feel it, see it, and hear the sounds of the applause of other people. The best athletes always visualize their performance and right from that moment they smell their sweat dripping down their face as they cross their finish line.

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2. Make it fun

Attitude matters a lot in terms of staying focused. The words “motivation” and “fun” shouldn’t be conflicting. But for so many people, they are. Different people might have opposite feelings towards the same goal. Some would hate it and others will love it. The reason behind it is that others find ways to make tasks interesting and fun. So if you’re going to do something, you might as well have fun doing it.

3. Renew creativity with the mind map

Once you keep your options and ideas in your head, it is hard to tap into expansive thinking. Your brain may manage efficiently so much information before that details become nothing more than the clutter. If you find yourself feeling confused or overwhelmed about how to get from point A to point B, create a mind map. By doing this, it will not only organize the mess in your brain, but also, bring out your resourcefulness and creativity.

4. Take a new approach when necessary

If something does not feel right, it is always a great time to take a few minutes and look at your task while searching for a different approach. You might be doing everything correctly and efficiently, yet this approach might not necessarily be a motivating one. More often than not, you might find some tweaks to the current approach that can both change your experiences and open to doors of possibilities. This is the reason why if there’s a goal that you really like to accomplish, there is always a way and there are other ways to reach it. If a particular approach does not work for you, consider finding another one and try until you find the one that will keep you motivated that allows you to get the results you desire.

5. Do not just track your progress, recognize it

Everything you might be working on can be split easily into small stages and parts. For majority of the goals, it is said that natural splitting of the process can help to accomplish smaller milestones and tasks. There are some reasons behind doing this and tracking your progress is one of them. By tracking your progress and recognizing it, we tend to feel more accomplished which can further motivate us to finish our task at hand.