Kuala Lumpur, December 14th 2017: Earlier today, to support the efforts of one woman to give underprivileged girls in Malaysia a genuine chance in life, Summit visited the Home of Peace – a residential care home for girls run by Justine Morais, who has just been nominated as one of the 12 Most Inspiring Women in Malaysia.

Established in 1993 and registered in 1996 with the Department of Social Welfare to provide shelter and education for girls from broken homes, the Home of Peace is a large, brightly painted house in Malaysia’s capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

The Home of Peace includes a nursery school where the younger girls study until they are ready to go to local government schools

Presently home to 20 girls of all ages, the Home of Peace is a haven of safety, health and care, where the girls may fully develop, as any child would in the care of their natural parents in a loving home.

A normal week day starts at five in the morning – the girls get dressed, have breakfast, pack bags and lunch before going to school.

Run by full time teachers, and aided by a group of committed volunteers, emphasis is placed on formal education for the girls as a means to create a better life for them, with the eldest now working and living independently.
After months of planning, Summit visits the Home of Peace on 17th December 2017

While not everyone may end up a billionaire philanthropist like Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, Summit recognises that as individuals or companies, be it intellectual or physical, have a powerful role to play and have to more to offer than just financial support.

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“Our corporate philanthropy is to educate and empower”, said CEO Summit, Mr. Terence Yao.

Other than the usual donations and housekeeping duties, the team also introduced basic leadership qualities and shared goal-setting strategies with the girls.

When asked of its future plans, the company’s vision of contributing to humanitarian work aims to use its network and influence to raise awareness and expand its outreach programme beyond Malaysia shores in the coming years.