The smartphone is the 21st century Swiss Army Knife, but it’s only as good as the apps you put into it. For better does not necessarily say the most downloaded: What we see on Google Play Store suggestions might not be the best Android apps out there.

In fact, there are many underrated great apps out there that correspond to our desires, habits and needs too. We spent our days testing applications of all kinds and here are our top picks.


There are many music apps out there, but Spotify still claims top spot. The amount of songs on offer is immense and your access not only limited to the search engine. Best part? You can also listen to ‘intelligent’ playlists based on your recent plays or according to your musical preferences. Available on Playstore.


Feedly is undoubtedly one of the best applications to follow the latest news, if not the best. Feedly retrieves RSS feeds from your favorite sites (entered automatically or manually). You can then categorize them, which can be very useful when you are watching or looking for any information. That’s not all. You can also share the articles you read through different social media platforms and even less popular ones such as Evernote. Available on Playstore.


The world’s largest WiFi sharing community. This application introduces a new feature on your device by enhancing your WiFi connection and making it smarter by displaying a clear map, which indicates the location of free and open WiFi available within range. A 3G and / or 4G connection is required to access the card, but you can connect to your favorite WiFi without being connected to the Internet via 3G / 4G mobile networks. Available on PlayStore.


Waze is more than your regular GPS. Even though we have Google Maps that does the trick most of the time, but you got to admit that when you have an app with not just a navigation function, but with a social network, you must try it out. The ergonomics of the application and its fluidity is better than that of Google Maps, which is not necessarily a feat! Available on PlayStore.

Bard – Video Assembler

Bard is an entertaining app that allows you to easily find YouTube videos and edit them to create small clips, which you can share on different social media platforms. It is simple to use and fun to render. The best part of it is there is absolutely no advertising and the app is free to download. Available on PlayStore.