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    July 28th - 30th, 2023

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    World-renowned Internet entrepreneur and award-winning professional speaker. Simon built and led Google's agency and optimization team during their early years of inception and now shares his insider insights for you to dominate the digital world.


    Transformational Leadership Expert and international speaker. Empowering leaders globally in the arenas of public speaking, leadership, marketing and self-development to create a meaningful and lasting impact in their lives, families, and organizations.


    Established entrepreneur in the events and agriculture industry. Known as the sales and personal development expert who has worked with almost all of the Prime Ministers of Malaysia in recent history. Kevin shares his proven strategies to help you rise to the top from spirituality to navigating the corridors of government.


    A dynamic force in Malaysian entertainment, known for his distinct radio persona with 17 years in radio, creative contributions to TV, skilled emceeing, and mentorship in the Star Radio group. JJ shares with you how to leverage off the power of media, communication and entertainment to expand your influence.


    • Empower Your Leadership: You'll learn how to inspire and lead others effectively, enhancing your leadership skills and expanding your sphere of influence.

    • Harmonize Your Life: You'll gain strategies to blend your professional and personal life harmoniously, fostering a supportive environment for your growth and success.

    • Embrace Lifelong Learning: You'll immerse yourself in a culture of continuous learning, staying ahead of the curve and fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation.

    • Navigate Policy Landscapes: You'll gain a deeper understanding of the landscape of policies affecting your business or profession, learning to advocate for beneficial changes.

    • Master Effective Communication: You'll learn how to effectively use media platforms to attract more customers or followers, building a strong brand or personal presence.

    • Ignite Your Creativity: You'll discover how to use the power of art and entertainment to communicate your vision and captivate your audience, sparking your creativity and innovation.

    • Drive Sustainable Growth: You'll learn to make mindful business or investment choices, driving sustainable growth and contributing positively to the economy.

    Conquer The 7 Mountains


    Tap into your core values to inspire others and fuel your journey in life, career, and business. Gain clarity on your purpose and learn to lead with authenticity and integrity.


    Balance your business aspirations with a thriving family life. Learn strategies to harmoniously blend your professional and personal life, fostering a supportive environment for entrepreneurial thinking.


    Embrace lifelong learning with iSummit's resources and beyond. Stay ahead of the curve with continuous learning, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and innovation.

    Business and Economy

    Drive sustainable growth and make mindful business and career choices. Learn to integrate AI strategies from iSummit to create jobs, drive growth, and contribute positively to the economy.

    Arts and Entertainment

    Spark your creativity to innovate in your industry. Discover how to use the power of art and entertainment to communicate your vision and captivate your audience.


    Harness the power of storytelling to amplify your brand message. Learn to effectively use media platforms to attract more customers and build a strong brand presence.

    Launch Your Service

    Create your product launch blue print and plan out the exact steps that you will execute in order make a successful launch that you have always dreamed of.

    Government and Politics

    Navigate complex regulations and contribute to a healthier political discourse. Understand the landscape of policies affecting your business, career, and life. Learn to advocate for beneficial changes.

    Make Online Sales

    Set up a robust method to accept payments from your end customers in a recurring manner so that you fill up your bank every month.

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    "Grew my agency to 7-figures quickly."

    "I've been struggling to scale my business. But with Harley's product growth blue print I sprinted to 7 figures."

    "I turned into a CEO from a freelancer..."

    "I was doing freelancing work. After attending Harley's sessions I productised my offers and started my own agency. "

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