The real challenge starts when school ends. That is why we believe learning is for life. Why choose to stick to the lanes when you can pursue an extraordinary life, unconfined by society standards.

At Summit, we are pioneering new ways of teaching and learning, by connecting speakers who love to teach, and people who want to build a better life.

The mission of Summit is to bring education to life—knowledge that will best serve people in the rapidly evolving world. We are creating an equal world where anyone, anywhere, can learn practical skills, get inspired, and transform their lives in meaningful ways.

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We see it differently and make sure they all share Summit's signature focus on practical skills for the real world.

How did the world's most successful become that way? It turns out that they do things differently, and in extraordinary fashion that the average person won’t.

John Chong
Founder, Managing Director

John is the reason we call ourselves Summit. The Sarawakian founder’s rise to entrepreneurship, by no means, was anything but uninspiring. Unimpressed by college education, he dropped out of high school, twice at fifteen years old to earn his own money but professed that he wasn’t a good student who often find himself on the wrong side of the law. As a result, John eventually went into juvie lockup but that proved to be the turning point. Even though John did not take the academic route, he remained steadfast on improving himself through personal development courses but was left disappointed by the lacklustre information and practicality. Subsequently, he set out to build a better learning culture, and Summit was born in 2013. It soon took off and began expanding out of Malaysia. In 2015, John became the youngest recipient to receive the ASEAN Outstanding Business Award for being instrumental in pushing the boundaries of education.

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"The strongest reaction I have ever got from a crowd–7,000 young eager entrepreneurs in Vietnam."

Richard Branson Founder, Virgin Group

"Summit has done a wonderful job in bringing people who love to learn and speakers who love to share together. Not only have you raised the standards and quality in the community, but also for speakers like us who love to share."

Wong Chui Ling Media Celebrity

"Summit strives for nothing but the best to provide the highest quality of education. They are no doubt one of the best providers to go for educational events, seminars and workshops."

John Lee International Speaker