Meet our extended family of 120 children in Kenya

Summit partners with HGiving to eradicate poverty through sustainable resources, quality education and proper learning facilities.

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The Republic of Kenya or “Kenya” for short, is an East African country blessed with abundance of natural resources. However, despite the abundance of resources, Kenya like most other developing countries in Africa today is crippled by many problems.

Needless to say, education is something hard to come by in Kenya. According to UNICEF, 2.6 million starving orphaned children roamed the streets everyday with nothing but despair.

Improving the lives of those in need is more than just providing them with food, clothing and sanitation. In order for the lives of children to improve indefinitely, it is essential to focus on educating and preparing their lives for the future.

The team at HGiving (a nonprofit organisation aiming to permanently raise children out of poverty using sustainable methods) and Summit, together with a handful of amazing volunteers embarked on the journey of a lifetime to Kakamega, Kenya on the 1st of March, 2016.

The volunteers and children bonding over play-time in Kakamega, Kenya.

Our mission is to permanently eradicate poverty from the lives of children through long term, sustainable resources, quality education and proper learning facilities.

Education gives children a purpose and passion in life as well as knowledge which allows them to lead a fruitful life. We also believe in teaching vital life skills which sets our children up for life by giving them effective and profitable jobs.

We also invested in building a brand-new private dormitory holding 120 orphans, which greatly improve the children’s standard of living, providing the comfort, security and focus needed to effectively study and improve their life chances.

Prior to this development, the quality of life was completely different.

After finishing their classes, the children used to have to stack away their desks and open up mattresses on the classroom floor, sleeping in the same room they studied all day.

This massively affected their lifestyle as they were constantly cramped, stressed, uncomfortable and less safe.

The children taking lessons at the Kakamega Learning Centre with improved facilities.

This was an important step towards securing the future of our children. The new development will drastically improve the lives of our orphans as they will soon have comfortable bedrooms with ample space for 4 children each.

Students will have 10 classrooms to be taught in as well as a library and 2 labs. Teachers and staff will have their own living spaces and offices.

Everybody will have access to a dining hall where they can eat food cooked fresh from the adjoining kitchen. Better facilities, sanitation, books, desks, beds, stationary, utensils, medicine and equipment can be stored safely, all for the benefit of our kids.