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Education For Those Who Pursue Excellence

Launch to the next level of success Financially, Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually and become the best version of yourself through transformational online workshops with Summit!

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Equip yourself with our growing library of knowledge and arsenal of tools, crafted and delivered by masters of the industry that you can use immediately on your climb to greatness and personal success with a proactive community of achievers just like you.

We handpick experts globally ONLY WITH A PROVEN TRACK RECORD of delivering results to their students and clients.

  • No more shallow how-to videos, useless theory, complicated lessons, and amateur insights from people who don’t even produce the results for themselves. 

    You will finally get the actionable strategies, tools and insights by actual practitioners that you can easily use for potentially life-changing results! 

    If you're an achiever and want to reach greater heights of success, join us today and gain instant access to our library of transformational workshops.

We're a global leader in the seminar and educational space since 2013

We have already impacted and transformed the lives of 350,000+ people across 7 countries through 2,400+ educational events with our global experts.

Join us on our journey of impacting and changing 1 Billion lives globally

You’ve also probably felt tired and frustrated of feeling stuck while seeing others get ahead of you right? They’re healthier, wealthier, and happier, even when you’ve worked harder and are smarter than them! You know you should be achieving the same or better results too! But you haven’t… Because of the missing link of the difference that makes all the difference. The traditional educational system was not designed to help you succeed, its job is to keep you on the hamster wheel of working until the day you die

The unethical marketers promise you the world, but deliver little to nothing in the end, keeping you on that neverending journey of finding the right solution…

It's not fair and you deserve access to the missing link to achieve your personal success too…With us we give you that missing link, so that you too can start getting ahead of the competition. We've come so far as the Summit team not because we're superhuman, far from it… We had to navigate through the most challenging environments, most recently during the 2020 pandemic where we have seen other peers and competitors drown because they couldn't adapt.

We struggled too and could've lost everything when in-person events - the core of our business were banned and shut down. But we managed to keep our heads above water because of the support of our community of achievers and experts who pushed us to innovate and adapt to using the latest knowledge and strategies to continue serving and delivering transformational experiences to you.

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  • Imagine if you don’t have to be alone in your journey to the top anymore... Where you feel supported, have the tools and network needed every step of the way to succeed in your health, wealth and happiness.

    What would life be like? Where would you live? What kind of life can you provide for those that you love and care for? What experiences would you finally be having? What would you finally be doing with your life?

With us you will begin your journey to:

  • Never worry about money again

  • Get rid of procrastination

  • Wake up feeling energised every day

  • Grow your network of like-minded people

  • Become part of a community of achievers and leaders

  • Be supported every step of the way towards your goals

  • Become an unstoppable entrepreneur

  • Release the heavy weights of stress off your shoulder

  • Finally achieve the freedom and success you deserve in your life


    "Kudos to Summit! I’m glad I decided to enroll in your programs in 2019, which have helped me expand my skills & knowledge related to my career. Shout out to Sam for giving me great support & follow-up."

    Nguyen Tu Quyen


    "If you are looking to learn how to earn steady secondary income just like myself, you have to check out their programmes. They have a fantastic speaker line-up with some of the world’s leading experts."

    Azrul Zainal

    Full Time Investor & Husband

    "I’ve been running my businesses for over a decade now and still constantly looking for awesome learning resources to innovate & learn from. Summit is definitely one of my top priorities & choices."

    Ritheesh Shetty

    Serial Entrepreneur & Programmer

    "You guys are the best educational provider we’ve ever met. Crystal & I are strong believer in life-long learning and we are truly grateful to be the patrons of Summit since 2014!"

    Jimmy & Crystal

    Entrepreneur & Investor

    "Summit as a whole has established a perfect platform for entrepreneurs and executives. I highly recommend you to check out their programmes – they’re invaluable resources to help you get off the ground."

    Lai Ann

    Aspiring Entrepreneur

    "When it comes to personal development & business related seminars or programmes, Summit is my go-to education provider in Southeast Asia."

    Brian Low

    Entrepreneur & Investor

    Access to fundamental knowledge, tools, and strategies that you know you need to take you to the next stage of your life has been prohibitive because of expensive courses and programs that costs thousands to tens of thousands of dollars… They say they want to help, but all they do is tease you and not reveal their secrets that will actually help you. That’s why we at Summit are breaking down those barriers by tapping into the relationships we’ve built with experts throughout the years, who are truly here to serve, and are willing to make their life’s work accessible to you.

    Begin your journey with us for FREE, no credit card required, and gain immediate access to transformational workshops that can help you monetise online and increase your cashflow immediately! Don’t waste another day missing out on the knowledge that could make all the difference in your life right now.

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