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"In advancing the kingdom of God

we are to be light and salt of the earth."

Master the 7 Mountains of Influence

An Extraordinary 3-Day Webinar Event in Conjunction with the Launch of iSummit — A New Platform for Visionaries, Innovators, and Game‑Changers

Exclusive Event

iSummit invites you to join the journey of the "seven mountains" 3‑day webinar 

  • 7 Mountains Webinar [FREE]

  • Embark - With iSummit - on a Journey Across the 7 Mountains of Influence. Spirituality, family, education, government and politics, media, arts and entertainment, business and economy... Gain valuable strategies and insights to expand your reach and drive transformative change. Read more

    Duration : This event is a 3-day Webinar

    Starts : Friday July 28th at 8pm GMT+8

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    Seven Mountains of influence

    Join the 3‑Day Webinar [FREE]

    With Simon Leung and Ching Yu Tan

    from July 28th (Friday) to July 30th (Sunday)

    Session #1 Starting July 28th at 8pm (GMT+8)

    → PDT: 5am | → EDT: 8am | → CEST: 2pm

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  • Where:

  • Attend on your laptop or desktop computer for the full interactive experience. Once registered, you will be redirected to a page that will guide you on how to attend the online event. An email will also be sent to you with the same information. Sign Up

  • About Your Hosts

  • Simon Leung - iSummit Leader and CEO at GrooveAsia (also known as the Internet and Google Insider) is a world-renowned Internet entrepreneur and award-winning professional speaker. Simon is also a trainer a coach and a mentor. Read more

    Ching Yu Tan - iSummit Events and iSummit Speakers CEO (also known as "The Trainers and Coaches' Mentor") is a world-highly versatile individual with substantial contributions in public speaking, training, Marketing and Self-development. Read more

  • Date and time of each session

  • 3-Day Webinar (3 sessions)

    from July 28th (Fri.) to July 30th (Sun.) 

     DAY 1  Fri. July 28th at 8pm (GMT+8),

    → PDT: 5am | EDT: 8am | CEST: 2pm

     DAY 2  Sat. July 29th at 3pm (GMT+8),

    → PDT: 12am | EDT: 3am | CEST: 9am

     DAY 3  Sun. July 30th at 3pm (GMT+8),

    → PDT: 12am | EDT: 3am | CEST: 9am

  • iSummit is offering this Webinar completely Free of charge. 😎

    Are you driven by the desire to make a difference and leave a lasting impact on the world? Do you want to see growth not only in your professional pursuits but also in your personal life and within your family?

    Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur dreaming of launching your own business, a professional looking to expand your influence in your industry, a parent seeking to instill positive values in your family, or an individual striving to make a difference in your community, our pioneering 3-day webinar, presented in conjunction with the launch of iSummit, is designed with you in mind.

    iSummit is an innovative new platform that empowers individuals with the latest strategies, including cutting-edge AI technologies, to make meaningful changes in various aspects of life. As part of our webinar, you'll be among the first to get a glimpse of how iSummit can revolutionize your journey, whether that's in business, education, family, or any other sphere of influence.

    Together, we'll navigate the Seven Mountains of Influence — the pivotal domains shaping society — equipping you with the strategies and insights to expand your reach and create transformative change, no matter where your ambitions lie. Join us, and let's create a legacy of positive impact together.

  • Three-Day Transformative Webinar

  • Join us on a transformative journey where we unveil the secrets to scaling the peaks of influence across seven dynamic realms. Together, we will explore the strategies, insights, and tools that will empower you to shape the world around you. Are you ready to ascend to the summit of influence?

    DAY 1 (2-hour session)

    July 28th (Friday) at 8pm (GMT+8)

    → PDT: 5am / → EDT: 8am / → CEST: 2pm

    DAY 2 (6-hour session)

    July 29th (Saturday) at 3pm (GMT+8)

    → PDT: 12am / → EDT: 3am / → CEST: 9pm

    DAY 3 (6-hour session)

    July 30th (Sunday) at 3pm (GMT+8)

    → PDT: 12am / → EDT: 3am / → CEST: 9pm

  • Embark on a Journey Across the Seven Mountains of Influence 

    → Spirituality

    Tap into your core values to inspire others and fuel your journey.

    → Family

    Balance your business aspirations with a thriving family life, learning how to support and instill entrepreneurial thinking in your loved ones.

    → Education

    Embrace lifelong learning, leveraging iSummit's resources to sharpen your competitive edge and foster a culture of knowledge sharing.

    → Government/Politics

    Navigate complex regulations, lobby for beneficial policies, and contribute to a healthier political discourse.

    → Media

    Harness the power of storytelling and media platforms to amplify your brand message and attract more customers.

    → Arts and Entertainment

    Spark your creativity to innovate in your industry and share your vision through the power of art and entertainment.

    → Business/Economy

    Drive sustainable growth, create jobs, and make mindful business choices that benefit society, all while integrating AI strategies from iSummit.

    Experience a life-changing 3-day webinar you won't want to miss!

    Why Join This Webinar?

    → Entrepreneurial and Professional Empowerment

    Gain deep insights into each domain, learn to integrate them into your entrepreneurial and professional journey, and overcome common fears with the help of iSummit's advanced tools.

    → Societal Impact

    Leverage your business and profession as a vehicle for societal change, harnessing your unique flair and the innovative solutions offered by iSummit.

    → Legacy Creation

    Learn how you can leave a lasting legacy by shaping society through your endeavors, and by leveraging the power of AI through iSummit.

    What's Included?

    → Motivational Keynotes

    Hear from entrepreneurial leaders who have successfully navigated these mountains, overcoming fears and embracing their dreams.

    → Practical Exercises

    Engage in hands-on sessions to apply your new knowledge, build your skills, and prepare for challenges on your path. Explore how iSummit’s platform can facilitate your journey.

    → Networking Opportunities

    Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, potential partners, and mentors passionate about making a difference and overcoming similar challenges.

  • Meet your hosts

  • Brace yourself for an enlightening and transformative experience as these hosts guide you towards claiming your place on the summit of success.

    Simon Leung

    The Internet and Google Insider

    Simon Leung is a well-known leader in the online business world. He oversees GrooveAsia and Summit.

    Simon is the CEO of GrooveAsia, a company that offers the Groove platform, a comprehensive digital marketing software. He also leads iSummit, where individuals can access valuable knowledge and training for personal growth.

    Simon Leung is highly respected for his expertise as an internet entrepreneur, speaker, author, trainer, consultant, mentor, and coach. He has made a significant impact in the fields of online business and personal development.

    Additionally, Simon is recognized as "the Internet and Google insider". He played a pivotal role in the early stages of the tech giant, working on the development of the search engine algorithm in his department

    Ching Yu Tan

    The Trainers and Coaches' Mentor

    Ching Yu Tan is a highly versatile individual with substantial contributions in public speaking, training, and artificial intelligence.

    In his role as the CEO of iSummit Speakers, he offers a range of services within the Keynote speakers' industry. Meanwhile, his position as the CMO of GrooveAsia has allowed him to assist thousands of entrepreneurs in kickstarting their businesses via digital marketing strategies.

    Furthermore, Ching Yu extends his expertise as a coach and mentor globally, aiding trainers in enhancing their training schemes and persuasive presentation skills to forge meaningful and high-impact learning journeys.

    He also wears the hat of an AI expert, empowering entrepreneurs and leaders to capitalize on the immense potential of this advanced technology.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is iSummit?

    iSummit is a groundbreaking platform designed to empower entrepreneurs with cutting-edge strategies, including advanced AI technologies. It offers resources and tools to revolutionize your business journey and helps you navigate the Seven Mountains of Influence.

    2. What are the Seven Mountains of Influence?

    The Seven Mountains of Influence represent key domains that shape society. They include Spirituality, Family, Education, Government/Politics, Media, Arts and Entertainment, and Business/Economy. In this webinar, you'll gain valuable insights and strategies to expand your reach and create transformative change across these areas.

    3. Who should attend this webinar?

    This webinar is ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs with dreams of launching startups, established business owners aiming to scale their operations, and solopreneurs seeking flexibility in their ventures. Whether you're driven by the desire to make a difference, leave a lasting impact, or take your business to the next level, this webinar is tailored to your needs.

    4. What can I expect from this webinar?

    By participating in this webinar, you will delve into each domain of influence, integrating them into your entrepreneurial journey while overcoming common fears with the help of iSummit's advanced tools. Through motivational keynotes, practical workshops, and networking opportunities, you'll explore how iSummit's platform facilitates your growth.

    5. How can iSummit help me make a societal impact?

    iSummit equips you with innovative solutions and resources to leverage your business as a catalyst for societal change. It enables you to combine your entrepreneurial flair with AI-powered strategies, allowing you to create a lasting legacy by shaping society through your ventures.

    6. What is included in the webinar?

    The webinar encompasses motivational keynotes delivered by successful entrepreneurial leaders who have navigated the Seven Mountains of Influence. You will also engage in practical workshops to apply your newfound knowledge and build essential skills. Furthermore, networking opportunities will allow you to connect with fellow entrepreneurs, potential partners, and mentors who share your passion for making a difference.

    7. How do I reserve my spot for the webinar?

    To secure your spot for the webinar, kindly follow the registration process outlined on the event's website or any designated registration platform. Fill in the required information, and complete the registration process to reserve your place.

    8. Will I have access to the iSummit platform during the webinar?

    As part of the webinar experience, you will be among the first to explore how the iSummit platform can revolutionize your business journey. You'll learn about the diverse resources and tools available on the platform, which can enhance your entrepreneurial efforts across the Seven Mountains of Influence.

    9. How long is the webinar?

    The webinar spans three days, each packed with valuable insights and practical guidance across the Seven Mountains of Influence. Each day will feature a range of sessions, including keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities to enrich your experience.

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