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I'MPossible Investors Maker
Terence Tan . Full Time Investor

Investing in a great stock is important for the safety of your investment portfolio, but ask yourself this...what good is that, if it is not actively generating sizeable returns for you weekly, monthly and yearly?

Because that’s the whole point we all invest in the first place, right? To make money, and not to simply own stocks.

However, the truth is you only make money—assuming when, and that you are able to sell at the right price too! So here's another option to profit from the stock market.

Will you pay $10 to protect $2 million dollars worth of stocks? If your answer is yes, congratulations! Because you just sold your first Option contract, and just earned some money. That's how Options work. If you haven't already heard about it, it really is time that you did.

According to Terence Tan, founder of I'MPossible (IMP) Investors Maker—the largest income investing community in Singapore, investing in the stock market is not about some rocket science where only financially 'smart' people can succeed.

IMP is a structured, rule-based investing programme that teaches retail investors of all levels to focus only on high-probability trades to produce consistent results rather than overnight success in the stock market—yes, no more 50/50 guesswork.

But you might say, "isn't investing in the stock market risky?"

Then you haven't discovered the truth, yet. And it's not your fault: because many uneducated investors have fallen victim to the overhyped 'get-rich-quick' promise, leading to irrational fear and distrust in the market—where they should be investing, not speculating.

So instead of the outdated buy-and-hold method, IMP adopts a cash-in-hand investment philosophy where you can finally be in the driving seat, and invest with confidence knowing that you can still generate income all year round—regardless of a bullish or bearish market.

What you'll learn:

  • How to spot and pick the right stocks in under 30 minutes a week—To maximise your investment returns consistently all year round, and profit safely using Options.
  • IMP's 4.S. approach—Four repeatable, simple yet powerful strategies for you to create a 30% return-on-investment, regardless if you are new to investing.
  • The TradeRepair technique—Learn how to turn unfavourable market conditions (even trades that against you!) into marginal wins, and pocket profits while doing so.
  • The Book Knowledge Investor Flaw—Discover the hidden flaw that 99% of value investors know but won’t tell you…and learn the coveted 1% IMP strategy to cash out constantly.
  • The 9 layers of safety nets—Once you’ve learned this holy grail that ensures maximum protection, you’ll never get 'burned' or lose sleep because of the stock market again. P.S: No more "cut loss"!
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Meet Terence Tan

Full Time Investor, Founder of I’MPossible Investors Maker, Terence Tan has helped the I’MPossible Investors community create well over USD$5,000,000 in investment income since 2013.

He has more than 19 years of trading experience in relation to stocks and 17 years with stock options, futures, commodities, and forex. There are few other teachers who are as well versed as he is, in terms of financial instruments trading knowledge—making IMP one of the most sought after stock market investment programme.

Walking the talk is the hardest thing to achieve for most investment mentor, and Terence does that by utilising the same investment strategies he teaches in the I'MPossible Investors Makers to manage a USD$ 2,500,000 investment portfolio for a group of private investors who have chosen to place their trust in him.

He has trained DBS Bank in Singapore, and was appointed a lecturer in the Diploma in Wealth Management program with Entrepreneur Resource Centre.

Terence is dedicated to helping people reach their financial goals through investing, and this is displayed clearly in the design of the I'MPossible Investors Makers Programme being a full 6 months mentorship rather than your typical weekend "crampshop" most others do.

Need help?

Learn more about the programme by reading our frequently asked questions. We also provide email support Monday through Friday. And we do our best to respond to each request with a personalised reply within 24-48 business hours.

Frequently asked questions

No you don't. The IMP programme is structured in step-by-step so that even beginners can follow. But like all things, learning a new skill requires time and practice. That is why the IMP is a full 6-month programme, where not only you get to practice trading in a real world environment with Terence, but also ask any questions along the way or interact with past students who are experienced traders.

The good news is, there are early-bird discounts for students should you decide to join the IMP programme. To facilitate your enrolment, we suggest getting in touch with our student and customer support to reserve your spot.

Firstly, with Options, you'll never pay market price for stocks ever again. Meaning, you can own stocks at just a fraction of the market price. We recommend setting aside US$2,000 to make it worth your time and effort. It is, however possible to start with a smaller amount, but the returns you'll see will not be as great. That said, it will still allow you to make small wins, which can be compounded into a significant amount over time.

That's entirely up to you. What is taught in the IMP will give you the flexibility to choose the amount of time we put into managing our investments. On average, it can range from 15 minutes a week to 30 minutes a month. Typically new investors start with 30 minutes a week, and with practice to 30 minutes a month.

Let's be honest about one thing. You are not going to learn everything about Options here. And yes, Options can be fairly technical if you're referring to the advanced strategies that makes very high returns which is NOT recommended for beginners to start with. In short, there are multitude of ways to profit using Options for traders at different levels of trading experience. What you'll learn in this programme is not the advanced high-profit/high-risk strategy, but rather just focusing on a handful of small but consistent profits that is completely stress-free for first timers.

Absolutely not. And it never will be in Summit's core mission too. This will NOT make you an instant millionaire overnight. And it is NOT recommended for people who are thinking of achieving success without a proper investing plan and practice. However, when done right, what you'll learn in the IMP can give you another reliable source of income month after month.

Definitely. Every successful trader knows that one of the most important aspects to trading is to diversify your portfolio. Options, by nature, is the most powerful leverage tool in the investment industry that can allow for better diversification by a lower capital outlay - that itself, amongst other advantages of Options is evident to see why more traders are dedicating time to learn how to use Options properly.